24 Feb 2015

Nidan comes forward with helping hands to fire affected people of Samastipur

A total of 135 families out of 274 families of village Balbhadrapur-Khajuri, Paswan and Bhumihar Tola of Kalyanpur Block of Samastipur were badly affected due a major fire that broke out on 22nd May’14. Their houses were totally burnt due to this fire and these families were rendered homeless. They neither had a place to take shelter or food to eat.  In that demanding situation, Nidan came forward with a helping hand to these families.

Now 133 of these affected families are residing in the temporary homes made up of tarpauline sheets, bamboos and dry grass. Families are having food security also as food grains have been distributed by the state Govt and dry ration by Nidan-Plan. Now drinking water is also available to them as 8 hand-pumps were repaired by the project Nidan-Plan and 4 bore wells were installed. All the affected families have overcome the acute crisis of food, water and shelter that they were facing after the fire incident. Local people and members from CBOs also came forward to help the families by providing clothes and food grains.

Nidan-Plan formed a Rapid Assessment Team that conducted meetings with the community people to assess their needs. The community response was to provide them with utensils, clothes, medicines, repair of hand pumps & shelter by providing them bamboo and tin sheets. A separate meeting was conducted with children also to assess their needs. Children said that they require clothes, bags, books, notebooks and stationeries, which were duly provided to them.

People of that area and of nearby areas have been deputed for having a close observation & monitoring of the situation so that any unwanted situation is prevented. A meeting was conducted with DPO & CDPO and they were requested to extend extra support to the children of the affected families .  Health camps were also organized by Nidan-Plan at PHC.

CO of Kalyanpur block distributed Rs. 4200.00, food (50 kgs of rice and 50 kgs wheat), 2 litres of kerosene oil and plastic sheets for shed to each effected family. RED CROSS Society distributed bucket, dhoti and bed sheet to each affected family. Nidan Plan supported with dry ration for 4 days and Tarpauline sheet to each family and repaired 8 hand pumps and four temporary sheds were arranged for 2-3 days.

Nidan-Plan distributed extra dry ration to Pregnant and Lactating mothers, set of utensils to 133 affected families apart from school bags, stationeries and set of books to 125 school children, and installed 4 bore wells. Sanitary napkins were distributed among girls and women of affected families by community contribution by SHG’s members.