27 Jun 2014

BRAC team visits Nidan Samastipur

A five-member delegation from BRAC, Bangladesh, visited Samastipur office of Nidan on 14.5.2014. State programme coordinator of Nidan Mr Ratnish also accompanied the BRAC delegation. The purpose of this visit was to let the delegation know how Nidan is working with PACS focusing on SCs, STs, Muslims, women, children and persons with disabilities and how the programme works to assist the groups to claim their rights and entitlements while addressing issues of differential access. The delegation was appraised of Nidan’s role in implementing the PACS programmes in Samastipur. District coordinator of Nidan Samastipur Mr Raj Kishore informed the delegation how Nidan works for the socially excluded group, through PACs programmes, especially in the field of health and livelihood. The delegation was told how Nidan helps them become aware of the schemes initiated by the government and subsequently avail them.

They were told how Nidan is providing free trainings on skill development for livelihood through government agencies like: MSME [Micro Small Medium Enterprises], Animal Husbandry, Bank, DIC. Nidan appraised the delegation of the problems faced by the communities and how we solve these.

BRAC delegation visited the slum areas of Ward no 2 where a large number of people belonging to SC and minority community reside. They keenly observed the progress done in this regard. The delegation met women workers who make bidies for their livelihood. These women were told about the benefits of working as a community which ultimately would help them improve their standard of living.  BRAC officials also met construction workers of the area. Women members of Nidan apprised the delegation how they help community members in coordination with officials of labour department and hospitals. Members of the BRAC delegation are – Istiyaq Hussain, Sandrul Hasan, Majumdar, James Ward and Jhantu Bordan.

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