2 Jul 2014

Nidan-Plan conducts Government Teachers’ Training at Patna

To enhance the quality of teachers’ skill, Nidan-Plan conducted a Government Teachers’ Training on RIVER Multi-grade, Multi-level (MGML) methodology with the help of RISHI VALLEY Trainers at Hotel Clarke, Patna from June 16-20. The program was quite successful as several teachers took this opportunity to get trained by experts on different aspects of teaching. A MGML teacher is one who, in a single classroom space, teaches children of different ages and varying abilities, who would normally belong to different grade levels. A multi-grade classroom, also known as mixed age classroom or vertically grouped classroom, accommodates children of different ages with varied learning backgrounds.  Rishi Valley Institute for Educational Resources (RIVER) is the teacher training and resource development wing of Rishi Valley Rural Education Centre.

After two decades of intense work, RIVER has developed a unique structure for elementary education that consists of a network of Satellite Schools where a community-based curriculum is taught by village youth trained in especially designed multi-level methodologies; where the academic curriculum is graded for individual levels of learning, grounded in up-to-date information, and framed in the local idiom and, finally, where the curriculum is integrated with activities.

Following are the salient features of schools in RIVER model:
Schools should be free from fear, full of colour and joy inside and green and beautiful outside.
Have a learning-ladder, made up of small learning-steps, that enables self-paced Individual learning.
Promote cooperative learning through peer support.

Stress on activity -based experimental learning through craft, games, song and drama.

Integrate local culture and values of conservation into the curriculum.

Encourage teachers to design creative teaching-learning material and share it with other teachers.
RIVER’s unique MGML learning methodology for classes 1 to 5 has been extended through the transcreation of multi-level materials and through teacher education programmes for resource persons to formal and non-formal schools in several of India’s linguistically diverse states, where the MGML programmes are referred to as Activity-Based-Learning (ABL) methodologies.

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